Pikeperch (Stizostedion luciopercha)

Pikeperch (Stizostedion luciopercha)
Pikeperch is fine fish from freshwater fishes, Percid family. Pikeperch meat is delicate, juicy and nearly boneless.

Pikeperch lives in big, clean water reservoirs like Baltic, Kaspian and Black Sea. Optimal depth  2-30 m.

Pikeperch occurs on whole territory of Polish Republic.

PikeperchFish has enlogated body, pike's shape, with grey-brown or grey-green back, sides grey-silver covered with dark  crosswise streaks. On the dorsal and tail fin Pikeperch has dark regulary situated spots. Long head, pointed with wide mouth. Pikeperch may grow to 1,3 m and 23 kg. Average weight of captured fish is 3-5 kg.

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