Perch (Percha fluviatilis)

Perch - Percha fluviatilis
Perch is kind of predator, freschwater fish from Perciformes. Perches have dark streaks similar to dark water plants sprouts.

There are known three Perch species:
- Northamerican Perch
- Asian Perch
- European Perch

European Perch is one of the most popular species in Poland. He occurs in the most freshwater reservoirs and coastal waters of Baltic Sea.

PerchBuild: Perch grows to 50 cm long (average 25-30cm), weight even to 3kg (average to 1 kg). Perch has big head, with mouth able to wide opening.

Silver, small scales, deep situatedn in the skin, with characteristic jagged edges gives rough feel in touch. Because of his big fertility and voraciousy is considered to be pest. Captured for his tasteful meat.

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